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Scientists have discovered a gene that helps to live to 100 years

Japanese scientists have analyzed the data of 4312 volunteers under 80 years and 530 people aged 95 and over (most people in this group were more than 100 years old). The experts have established that CLEC3B gene in long-livers had certain characteristics. CLEC3B gene encodes tetranectin protein that prevents the spread of cancer and promotes the formation of bone tissue, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the scientists, longevity is caused by CLEC3B gene by a maximum of 30%. A healthy diet and regular physical activity respond for the rest 70%. However, some experts believe that further research is needed to find out whether the longevity is associated with this one gene only and how to use the findings to increase the life expectancy of people.

By the way, earlier the experts of the Boston University have analyzed the data of four studies. The scientists have found rare genetic variants related to longevity in the 4th and 7th chromosome. Some of these options also reduced the risk of Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases.

Source: The Daily Mail.