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Scientists have discovered a new strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea

Specialists from Swedish National reference laboratory warn that the infection may become a world-wide threat and there is an urgent need for a breakthrough in the field of pharmacology.

The fist case of detection of H041 resistant strain has been already recorded in Japan.

Researches have revealed genetic mutations responsible for gonorrhea insusceptibility to all cephalosporin antibiotics. Doctor Magnus Unemo from Swedish National reference laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria comments: "From that very moment when in 1940s people started treating gonorrhea with antibiotics this bacterium has demonstrated an incredible ability to develop resistance".

Meanwhile, a number of experts are sure that the main stress should be made on the prevention of infection spreading, as gonorrhea is one of the most spread sexually transmitted diseases all over the world. At the same time about 50% of female patients develop no symptoms. The same can be said about 2-5% of male patients. And when gonorrhea makes itself felt, the infected person notes burning pain during urination. If this disease is not treated, the development of irreversible consequences for the organism is possible.


Adopted from: Med Daily