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Scientists have discovered new genes related to intelligence

Until now, experts knew only a few genes related to intelligence. The scientists from the Amsterdam Independent University have discovered 52 genes of this type. It turned out that 40 genes were related to intelligence. Many of these genes affected not only the level of intelligence, but also growth, figure and smoking propensity.

The scientists have analyzed genomic data and estimated the level of intelligence of 78000 people. The scientists have found 40 new genes related to intelligence. Most of these genes were expressed in the brain tissues. The genes’ heritability was high, The Daily Mail reports.

The discovered genes were also associated with educational achievements, high growth and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They also reduced the risk of Alzheimer's disease, smoking, schizophrenia, depressive symptoms, high body mass index (BMI) and obesity. The genes have explained about 20% of differences in the results of intelligence tests.

Source: Daily Mail.