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Scientists have disprove the connection between the intake of some antibiotics during pregnancy and congenital defects

Gynecologists think that two antibiotics, which have been previously associated with possible development of congenital defects, for all that can be safely used during pregnancy.

The group of obstetricians and gynecologists claim that if there is no other way, they may be used for treatment of urinary tracts infections.

In 2009 scientists announced that such antibiotics as nitrofurans and sulfanilamides increase the risk of development of congenital defects, if they are used during the first trimester of pregnancy. Then there were introduced certain limits as for the use of these preparation in pregnant women. However, data of the new research conducted by the scientists of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists demonstrate that these medications can be still used if there is no other alternative.

Antibiotics, as a rule, are prescribed to fight different infections. Experts underline that the previous study, which proved the connection between congenital defects and use of antibiotics during pregnancy, was not an experimental one. And that is why it is impossible to say definitely that congenital defects in this case were caused by antibiotics, as both the infection itself and other factors could be the causative agents.


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