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Scientists have figured out how to quickly stop a viral infection

Scientists from Darty Institute of Infections and Immunity at the University of Melbourne are sure that it is possible to stop the spread of influenza virus into the lungs. According to 9 News it is necessary to attack the virus in the nose. It turns out that the nasal cavity is the "home" for white blood cells fighting the virus. If these cells are activated, then the further spread of the inhaled particles of the virus can be stopped.

Therefore, the scientists recommend to use immunization for the upper respiratory tract. You can use a nasal spray. Perhaps, it may become a powerful agent not only against flu, but also pneumonia. Plus, it can be possible to abandon the standard annual vaccinations.

A previous influenza study was focused on immune T cells in the lung tissue. But these cells very quickly lose their effectiveness, so you should not rely on them in vaccination. Now the same cells were found in the nasal cavity. There they show increased vitality (they act longer).

Source: 9 News