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Scientists have found a new gene responsible for an inflammatory reaction

According to, scientists from Cardiff University have discovered a genetic variant associated with a hyperactive inflammatory response of the immune system to viruses. It is a variant of Ifitm3 gene. Previous studies have shown that the probability to catch the flu depends on Ifitm3. A certain variant of this gene increases the risk of viral infections.

The scientists have studied the immune cells of mice with Ifitm3 and without it. The scientists wanted to find out how the immune system will respond to cytomegalovirus. The study has shown that the modified Ifitm3 gene launches a hyperactive immune response to viral infection.

According to the researchers, in this case, the combination of anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs may be useful. The scientists say that their findings also concern other viruses, including influenza. The scientists add that approximately one of 400 people in the world is a carrier of the aforementioned Ifitm3 gene.