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Scientists have found an effective cure for melanoma

An international team of scientists have found that the drug "Opdivo" (nivolumab) is the best remedy to help melanoma patients, who underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The study involved more than 900 patients with stage III and IV melanoma. The volunteers were treated at 130 medical centers located in 25 countries. All participants underwent surgery to remove tumors, reports.

Some patients took "Opdivo", and the rest - "Ervoi" (ipilimumab), which is usually prescribed in such cases. Both drugs adjust the immune system for the search and destruction of cancer cells. After a year of treatment, 71% of the patients treated with "Opdiva" and 61% of the volunteers who received "Ervoi" were alive. In addition, they had no recurrence of the disease. Differences were observed even after 18 months of treatment (66% vs. 53%).

The participants treated with "Opdivo" had fewer serious side effects compared to those who received "Ervoi" (14% versus 45%). In 31% of the participants who received "Ervoi" and only in 5% of volunteers treated with "Opdivo" the treatment was discontinued because of side effects. The most common side effects of both drugs were fatigue and diarrhea.