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Scientists have found an element that can simplify the treatment of sepsis

Sepsis develops when the nocifensor trying to fight the infection gets out of control. Then the immune cells begin to attack the tissues and organs of the host, causing death, Technology Networks reports.
The Medical School of California University has carried out the trials on rodents and established as follows: if we remove PHLPP1 enzyme, we can improve the outcome of treatment for sepsis. PHLPP1 controls many aspects of cellular behavior by removing phosphates (small chemical markers) from the structure of other proteins. It turned out that PHLPP1 also affects inflammation.
A lot of genes associated with immune cells are exposed to PHLPP1. The most important aspect is that PHLPP1 removes phosphates from transcription factor STAT1, known for its ability to control inflammatory genes. Now the scientists are testing thousands of compounds in search of perfect PHLPP1 inhibitor.

Source: Technology Networks.