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Scientists have found molecules that can destroy tumors

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant, useful for health. TrxR1 enzyme, containing selenium, supports the growth of cells and protects them from oxidative stress. Previous studies have shown that selenium is associated with the development of cancer, but this correlation is complex and not well studied, The Deccan Chronicle reports.

In several forms of cancer TrxR1 levels are elevated. They worsen the prognosis for lung, chest, head and neck cancer. In a new study, researchers of the Institute of Carolina have studied nearly 400,000 molecules. The researchers were searching for new TrxR1 inhibitors. Scientists have revealed three molecules matching the search criteria.

By means of these molecules, the researchers were able to overcome more than 60 types of cancer cells in vitro. Healthy cells were less sensitive to these molecules. In addition, the molecules quickly and without noticeable side effects coped with breast cancer, as well as head and neck in mice. The scientists plan to continue this study.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle.