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Scientists have improved the printing of living organs on 3D printer

As Mail.RU News notes, the scientists of Carnegie-Mellon University have tested FRESH technology. FRESH allows to create an extracellular matrix - the structural basis of organs and tissues. Until recently, scientists could not recreate the matrix in full - the matrix structure is very complex and protein structures deform.
However, based on the data of magnetic resonance imaging, the scientists were able to accurately reproduce the anatomical structure of the heart of one patient. As a result, the heart valve and ventricle were printed on 3D printer. In order to prevent the deformation of protein structures during three-dimensional printing, collagen was applied layer by layer in a special support gel medium.
When collagen became solid, the gel was easily dissolved if the temperature rose to the parameters of the human body. At the same time, the frame itself remained unchanged. The gel also allowed to creat perfect conditions for the growth and development of cardiomyocytes - heart muscle cells. The frame for growing part of the heart was filled with such cells.

Source: Meddaily