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Scientists have made a breakthrough in the treatment of asthma

Modern treatment methods for asthma have many side effects. Medicinal products often quickly become ineffective, and some of them are simply toxic to humans. As The Daily Mail notes, American scientists together with their Chinese counterparts have developed a new medicine that can make life easier for patients with asthma.

For 4 years the researchers have analyzed more than 6000 compounds and found that the metallothionein-2 (MT-2) protein was often absent in the lungs of mice suffering from asthma. The rodents with missing MT-2 were twice as likely to suffer from asthma. The administration of the missing protein significantly reduced the severity of asthma symptoms.

On the basis of MT-2, the scientists have created a new drug - TSG12. Unlike other medicines, TSG12 is non-toxic and does not lose its effectiveness over time. TSG12 relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract and expands the bronchi, making breathing easier. This new medicine will change the life of asthmatics for the better.

Source: The Daily Mail.