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Scientists have managed to curb cancer by putting the affected cells into hibernation

Researchers have discovered a new potential drug - diphenyleneiodonium chloride (DPI). The drug successfully "turns off" the cancer stem cells, preventing their reproduction. The agent stops the spread of cancer cells without causing any side effects of traditional chemotherapy.

The addition of DPI to the mixed population of cells leads to the destruction of the growth centers and tumor spreading. However, the drug is not dangerous for "bulk" tumor cells that are not cancerous, The Deccan Chronicle reports.

The scientists have described the activity of DPI in relation to more than 90 protein enzymes required to generate energy in the cell. The new substance selectively attacked the cancer stem cells. It created vitamin B2 deficiency, as a result of which the production of energy inside the cells was turned off, and the process of hibernation was initiated. The drug also made the cells more susceptible to many other drugs. The researchers consider this discovery is the first step towards the emergence of a new type of chemotherapy.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle