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Scientists have revealed a protein that can increase the effectiveness of vaccines

Researchers from Boston University believe that PorB protein from the outer membrane of meningococci can make vaccinations more effective and protect people from diseases such as cancer. Vaccines effect on either the production of antibodies or on cytotoxic T-lymphocytes, which can destroy foreign cells. PorB does both, reports.

The scientists used two experimental models. The first one was vaccinated with antigen and PorB, and the second one - only with antigen. The study has shown that PorB stimulated a response to the antigen. The number of active cells in the lymph nodes was increased and many cytotoxic T-lymphocytes were formed. The usual vaccine did not have this effect.

Earlier the scientists of Boston children's hospital have thought up how to bring the newborn vaccination to a new level. Newborns are susceptible to various infections and do not respond very well to most vaccines, because the immune system does not have yet powerful antibodies. But the scientists understood how to solve this problem. The experts suggest to add adjuvants to vaccines - compounds that enhance the immune response.