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Scientists have tested an unexpected approach to the treatment of alopecia

Thank to this method the scientists have managed to grow hair partially. The secret is an anti-arthritis drug intake. Thus, in the reported cases, patients suffered from hair loss caused by an autoimmune disease (the immune system attacks the hair follicles and the hair falls out all over the body).
Every day during two months, volunteers have taken Tofacitinibum. And during this time the hair appeared on the head. Eyebrows and hair in the armpits grew back. The patients have been monitored for the next nine months. It turned out that the drug does not cause serious side effects. But, there is apprehension regarding the long-term use of the drug. According to the drug manufacturer, Tofacitinibum might increase the risk of serious infections, ruptures of the stomach and intestinal tissues.By the way, in September, the drug was tested in 66 volunteers with alopecia areata. And as part of that study, the hair grew back in the half of volunteers, and more than 50% of the hair on the head grew back in the one third of volunteers. However, the positive effect was maintained for three months only.

Source: МЕDdaily