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Scientists have tested new vaccines against Ebola

The experiment was carried out in 1500 persons over 18 years old from Monrovia (Liberia) without a history of Ebola disease. Three groups (500 people per group) received one vaccine or a placebo (saline solution), The Deccan Chronicle reports.

Before and after vaccination (a week, a month, six months, and a year later) blood samples were taken for analysis. A week later, there was a minimal response to both vaccines. A month later, 71% of people vaccinated with cAd3-EBOZ and 84% of people vaccinated with rVSV-ZEBOV vaccines produced adequate antibodies against Ebola. In the placebo group, the rate was 3%.

A year later, in two major groups (64% in the group vaccinated with cAd3-EBOZ and 80% in the group vaccinated with rVSV-ZEBOV versus 7% in the placebo group) the immune response still remained. Side effects, such as headaches, muscle pain, fever and fatigue were reported. However, in general, the vaccines were well tolerated. By the way, the vaccines also allowed to reduce the incidence of malaria. Perhaps they can be used against two diseases at once.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle