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Scientists have told how dangerous for society the refusal of vaccinations is

American scientists have predicted the likely risk due to the growing tendency of vaccine refusal, as well as they have assessed the possible material damage associated with an increased incidence of measles, parotiditis and rubella.

In their work, the researchers used a mathematical model considering the global vaccination of children throughout the United States, as well as individual data for all counties and states of the country. The resulting forecast was published in Jama Pediatrics journal.

Reduction of children immunization by only 5% (2-11 years) will cause a threefold increased incidence of measles, parotiditis and rubella (from 50 to 150) during the year. Also it will cause an increase of budget costs for treatment by $ 2.1 million.

In the conclusion, the scientists have noted that the resulting data of financial loss were understated because they did not consider the costs associated with hospitalization and parental leave.


Source: Eurolab