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Scientists promise that "Elixir of Youth" will soon appear

Specialists have almost reached the victory over the aging. Recently, the medicinal product has been created. Thank to this medicinal product older mice began to run faster and live longer. Also in rodents new hair began to grow. The remedy removed the cells that have been accumulated in the rodents’ skin in the process of aging, The Daily Mail reports.

The senescent cells also present in the human body. It is believed that due to proteins produced by these cells, the adjacent cells are immersed in stupor. The organs can not be restored and gradually wear out. The scientists from Mayo Clinic removed the senescent cells in mice. After that, the life expectancy of rodents increased by 25%.

So, apparently, the aging can be stopped with the help of pills. But researchers still do not know whether these remedies save you from age diseases, such as arthritis and dementia. Dr. Peter de Kayser from the Erasmus University said: To create an ideal method further research is needed. He believes that it is necessary not only to remove senescent cells, but also to replace them. The expert proposes to stimulate the process of differentiation of stem cells nearby. Perhaps this will help to achieve the desired effect.

Source: МEDdaily