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Scientists revealed an enzyme that might defeat neurodegenerative diseases

Specialists from the University of South Florida have carried out a study in mice. The researchers have found that CyP40 enzyme protected the neurons of the experimental animals. It also relieved rodents of cognitive impairment and disintegrated the alpha-synuclein protein deposits associated with Parkinson's disease, Zee News reports.

According to the scientists, many proteins, accumulated in the brain in neurodegenerative diseases including tau protein and alpha-sinuclein, contain the amino acid proline. Due to its unique structure, proline can bind to amino acid chains. This contributes to the formation of deposits in the brain.

CyP40 helps the proline to attach to amino acid chains. But it also can break these chains. Experts believe that understanding the mechanism of activity CyP40 will allow to create new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

Source: Zee News.