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Scientists say that linoleic acid may protect from untimely death and heart disease

Scientists of the University of Eastern Finland believe that omega-6 fatty acids are the key to reducing the risk of untimely death. In addition, they prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, RIA News reports. According to the scientists, linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-6.

The study has shown that the higher the concentration of linoleic acid in the human body, the lower the risk of untimely death. In total, the experts have analyzed the data of 2,480 people aged 42-60 years. As a result, 1143 of them have died. All people were divided into five groups according to the level of linoleic acid in the body.

So, the risk of untimely death in the group with the highest concentration of linoleic acid was 43% lower than that with the lowest linoleic acid concentration. The same thing was revealed in relation to those people who died from cardiovascular diseases. The level of linoleic acid directly depended on the diet. The main sources of linoleic acid are vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

Source: RIA "News".