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Smart computer program may replace medical diagnosticians

Chinese scientists have developed a self-learning artificial intelligence capable to diagnose prostate cancer by separating samples of a sick person from healthy tissue samples. The system evaluation accuracy is comparable to the accuracy of real diagnosticians, The Deccan Chronicle reports.

The developers believe that the system will eventually make the process of diagnosing fully automated. The need for such systems is high, because prostate cancer is the most common oncological disease (annually more than a million new cases diagnosed). To confirm the diagnosis, a biopsy is required.

But with the new system everything will change. It accurately classifies the degree of malignancy. It is reported that the system was tested on 918 samples of pathological tissue taken from 283 patients. The data was analyzed by the system. The system constantly improved its work and increased the accuracy of the diagnosis. As a result, the system has achieved the accuracy of 99.38%.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle.