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"Smart" nanoparticles are the key to defeating cancer

Scientists from the University of Surrey have presented nanoparticles that can be heated to a high temperature and can destroy cancer cells. In addition, these nanoparticles independently regulate their temperature and cool down, in order to prevent the damage of healthy tissues.

Thermotherapy has long been long one of the methods of cancer treatment. However, it is dangerous not only for cancer, but also for healthy cells. The negative consequences can be avoided if the temperature does not exceed 45°C, Zee News reports.

The nanoparticles of zinc-cobalt-chromium ferrite designed by the scientists are heated to 42-45 °C. When their temperature exceeds 45°C, they start to cool down. According to the researchers, the toxicity of nanoparticles is low, so their use might cause serious side effects.

Source: Zee News.