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Sound sleep and vitamin D help with arthritis and chronic back pain

Scientists from the Federal University of São Paulo have analyzed previous studies. The researchers have found that vitamin D supplements and sound sleep are an effective combination to relieve the pain during menstruation and arthritis. Also, vitamin D can relieve chronic back pain, The Hindustan Times reports.

According to the previous studies, vitamin D is able to influence on the inflammatory response of the body. Also, some studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is associated with sleep disorders. The specialists have found that vitamin D is involved in many complex processes, including the regulation of sleep and pain.

By the way, earlier scientists have revealed unique properties in vitamin D. Experts have tested the vitamin on nematode worms. It turned out that vitamin D protected the cells from abnormalities in the functioning of proteins and their improper clotting. As a result, worms lived about 30% longer than usual.

Source: The Hindustan Times.