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Special light exposure is a salvation from oncology and injuries

Hudson Medical Research Institute and Swinburne University have developed a method for treating cancer and soft tissue injuries with light. According to Xinhua, a new photodynamic remedy IXV-PO2 has been tested on ovarian cancer cells. The remedy has allowed to destroy cancer cells in vitro.

When IXV-PO2 is irradiated with light rays of a certain length, the remedy becomes toxic to cancer cells. Unlike similar drugs, IXV-PO2 does not require isolation of a patient in a dark room for weeks or even months after a course of treatment. In addition, IXV-PO2 is not only in the form of tablets, but also in the form of a gel that can be applied to the skin.

Now scientists want to check whether such gel can only kill cancer cells or it can prevent cancer recurrence. By the way, a robot that uses light to treat soft tissue injuries and chronic pain has been also designed in Swinburne University. The robot finds the site of inflammation in the body and irradiates it with a laser for 6-30 minutes. It relieves inflammation and pain.

Source: Xinhua