Specialists recommend all people over 55 to take statins

Doctors think that everybody over 55 should take statins in order to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Professor Nicholas Wald from London Medical School claims that these medicines should be taken by everybody starting with certain age irrespectively of their cholesterol level or arterial pressure values.

Within current system statins, which can significantly decrease both cholesterol level and arterial pressure, are indicated only to those people who have an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and a stroke. Nowadays all people over 40 can undergo a number of tests to estimate their risk of infraction or stroke development in future. Those, whose risk exceeds 20%, can start taking statins.

However, Professor Nicholas Wald thinks, that the use of age instead of possible risks as the ground for indication of these preparations may help reduce significantly the number of people, who suffer from hypertension and high cholesterol level.

Nevertheless, many people, who are not in the risk group, may decide not to take statins due to possible side effects. Some experts are also concerned with the fact that taking these preparations patients may ignore other factors, which are also essential for maintaining health, such as diet and physical exercises.


Adopted from: The Telegraph