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Sports dope will help people suffering from mental disorders

The hormone erythropoietin is mainly produced in the kidney. It is involved in the production of red blood cells. Also erythropoietin is able to increase sportsmen productivity. Due to this fact the hormone is recognized as a dope. The new study, conducted by members of the University of Barcelona, involved 79 people with depression or bipolar disorder, Zee News reports.

For 9 weeks 40 volunteers were given erythropoietin, and the rest - a placebo. Scientists have found that people, received the hormone, were much better able to cope with neuropsychological tests. Erythropoietin had a positive effect on verbal memory, concentration and planning ability.

For instance, the volunteers, who received erythropoietin, have improved aforementioned cognitive functions by 11%, while the participants of the control group - only 2%. The positive effect was maintained for 6 weeks after treatment. Experts note that it is important to control the level of red blood cells in people receiving erythropoietin. Furthermore, such drugs are contraindicated for smokers and those who are prone to thrombus formation.

Source: MEDdaily