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Stem cells may help to defeat diabetes

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen have found out that stem cells can be successfully converted into beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin. The transplantation of such cells to diabetics will be a real breakthrough in treatment. According to the researchers, about 415 million people suffer from diabetes in the world, NDTV reports.

Researchers studied how in the body complex systems of tubules, through which liquids and gases are transported, are formed. The scientists have established that to obtain other cells, it is necessary to regulate the polarity of the cell (asymmetric distribution of the cytoplasm content).

The scientists believe it is necessary to learn more about the signals that cause the progenitor cells in the body of mice to become the cells that form the tubules and then the beta cells of the pancreas. This will allow to create beta cells from human stem cells, effectively. According to the study results, the signal (the pathway of the epidermal growth factor) regulates the formation of tubules and beta cells by changing the polarity.

The experts also told us what food diabetics should eat. So, they should pay attention to fenugreek hay - a spice that helps to maintain the sugar level in the norm, and beets that also helps to control diabetes. In addition, it is useful to eat tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and amyl juice for people suffering from diabetes,.

Source: NDTV.