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Strokes and bacteria in the oral cavity are related, analysis showed

Scientists of the University of Tempere have shown that the brain emboli of patients with a stroke contain DNA of oral pathogens, reports Technology Networks. The researchers have analyzed the thrombus aspirates removed in 75 patients with stroke in emergency treatment. It turned out that 79% of aspirates contained DNA of bacteria that can be found on the teeth surface.

Earlier it was proved that these same bacteria are present in the places of stenosis of the coronary arteries of patients who died suddenly, thrombus aspirates and arterial blood of patients with myocardial infarction, in ruptures of cerebral aneurysms and thrombus aspirates of patients with thrombosis of arteries and veins of the lower extremities.

In the last study, the scientists have identified a large amount of Streptococcus viridans DNA. In the oral cavity, these bacteria do not cause any special problems. However, once in the bloodstream, they provoke an infection of the heart valves. Also, the pathogen is able to directly bind to platelet receptors, as a result the risk of blood clots increases.

Source: MADdaily