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Sunny vitamin D may save us from stroke

Nuts and fat fish, rich in vitamin D, as well as walks under the sun reduce the risk of apoplexy by more than 1/5.

According to University of Hawaii data, ¼ of people with the lowest indexes of this vitamin had a risk of apoplexy, increased to 22% in comparison with those, who had high levels of vitamin D. 

Low concentration of this vitamin is connected with ischemic insult, characterized by a thrombus, which plugs the vessel in brain. Though as for hemorrhagic stroke, caused by rupture of blood vessel, this correlation wasn’t observed. 

These conclusions have been made on the results of 34-year research of 7500 people, who were telling the scientists about their diet. According to the experts, products rich in vitamins, are extremely important, especially for older people, because with age it becomes more difficult to synthesize vitamin D in the sun.

Source: Med Daily