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Swiss company is interested in finding new drug targets

Scenic Biotech, a subsidiary of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oxford University, has set the task of using the natural protective properties of genetic modifiers (specific genes suppressing the clinical and pathogenetic mechanism of diseases).

The founders of Scenic Biotech, biologists Tiin Brammelkamp and Sebastian Neumann have designed their own functional genomics platform and called it Cell-Seq. This allows to screen out 20,000 genes in haploid cells (having one set of chromosomes) and very accurately identify genes that modify a particular disease. According to the developers of Cell-Seq, the platform made it possible to systematize the process without the help of genetic modifiers. Once the researchers find specific targets, their next strategy will be to target the modifiers with low molecular weight drugs (enzymes / proteins / antibodies) that could correct the work of these genes.