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Swiss scientists have presented a tattoo that diagnoses cancer

Swiss scientists have announced the development of a small tattoo that becomes dark in case of hypercalcemia. Usually this indicator is associated with the development of cancer.

The tattoo consists of special cells responding to calcium levels. The development has already passed the test on mice; it showed itself in 9 out of 10 cases and darkened almost immediately.

The authors measured the dynamics of melanin production at different concentrations of calcium ions, and checked the mole “vitality” as well. It turned out that for its effective work the mole should be noticeable for a long time – usually melanin is stored in the producing melanin cells for several weeks. At the first stage of testing, to find out whether the pigment would also be preserved for a long time in artificially created cells, the scientists have stored them at room temperature for six months and found that the melanin was saved.

The researchers suggest that in the future, tattoos will be able to help people to monitor their health on their own. The scientists also said that this development is a future sensor prototype.