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Thanks to reproductologists, having a baby after 40s is no longer a problem

It is known, the later a woman decides to have a baby, the higher the risk of complications during pregnancy and the risk of birth defects in the child. But recent research has shown that if a child was born by 40-year-old mother, or even older women with use of reproductive technology, then this child had less birth defects compared with a child, conceived by a mother of the same age in a natural way.

The Times of India reports that the use of reproductive technologies has shown that birth defects are detected less frequently in comparison with the children who were born as a result of natural conception in older mothers.

Thus, in all age groups, the prevalence of birth defects among children who were conceived in natural way was 5.7%, among ECO children – 7.1%, in ICSI group (when sperm is injected into the egg) – 9.9%. But in the group of 40-year-old and older women who have used reproductive technology, the prevalence was only 3.6%.

 Source MEDdaily