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The best age for the childbirth is determined


The scientists of Zurich University claim that they have found an ideal age for childbirth. It has appeared that the age of 25 is an optimum age for the woman to give birth.

According to the statement of scientists, at this age a female pelvis becomes the most adapted for child-bearing. The experiment, during which the MRT procedure of scanning of pelvic bones was carried out in women-volunteers of different age groups, has helped to come to such conclusions

It should be reminded, that earlier, obstetricians, gynecologists and pediatricians advised to get posterity at the age of 30-38. They claimed that the children, who were born by middle-aged women, showed higher cognitive skills, than their peers who were born by young and more mature mothers.

Such tendency the scientists have connected with still good health of a woman in labor and her more careful and conscious state to child-bearing and childbirth. Also mothers of 30-38 years realize the importance of active participation in intellectual development of the child, practice the innovation methods of education of children and pay a lot of attention to their children.

But the German specialists have declared the other day that childbirth after 40 also has its advantages: late children are hardier in terms of health. However, experts have noted, the late motherhood increases risk of development of Alzheimer's disease, hypertension and diabetes in the posterity.


Source: Eurolab