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The brain surgery will be safer with "Smart" needle

The needle was designed by Australian scientists. It has a tiny fiber-optic camera that helps surgeons during the surgery to see what vessels are at risk and to prevent their damage. It is interesting that namely computer detects the threat and notifies surgeons about it, Business Standard reports.

Over the last 6 months, the scientists tested the needle in 12 patients who underwent neurosurgical operations. Formal clinical trials will be initiated the next year. Researchers negotiate with several international manufacturers of medical equipment. According to experts, the new instrument will be a real breakthrough in neurosurgery.

By the way, recently doctors have performed a new technique for the brain reboot in 25-year-old patient. The man was in a coma after a severe brain injury. Stimulation was carried out with an ultrasonic device, invented by Professor Alexander Bystritsky from the University of California.

Source: МEDdaily