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The difference between women’s and men’s brain has been defined

An international team of scientists from Israel, Germany, Switzerland and the United States has conducted MRI investigation of the brain in 1400 men and women. Experts tried to find out if there are gender differences in the brain, and what sex has more developed logical thinking, and critical.

The scientists studied the anatomical and morphological parameters of the brain of the volunteers. The results showed that the size of the men’s brain is bigger and its average mass is 1345 grams. The average mass of women’s brain is 1222 grams. However, if we consider the ratio of the total weight of the body and the weight of the brain, then women wins.

Also, the experts have found out that there is no direct relation between brain size and intelligence level. There was established that women have bigger and better blood supply to the brain.

Following the results of research, the scientists have declared that the gender-specific features of the central nervous system do not exist.

However, it was found that the brain of volunteers of any sex still has the features that are more typical for both women and men, or equally, occurring in both sexes. It testifies that differences in the anatomical and morphological structure of the brain of men and women exist, but there are no crucial signs or their combinations that allow to speak about a specific "male" or specific "female" brain and thinking.


Source: Eurolab