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The experimental hydrogel-based remedy has successfully passed primary clinical trials

   The new remedy will prevent the formation of myocardial scarring and reduce the likelihood of new heart attacks.

   Scientists from the University of California have completed the initial phase of clinical trials of the injectable remedy that repairs heart damage. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the safety of such remedy. The improved condition in part of the patients has been observed.

   VentriGel is made from pig connective heart tissues that have been cleansed and minced. The scientists suggest that the remedy will be injected into the heart muscle of a person who has suffered a heart attack. The gel will form a framework at the site of damage that will be filled by undeformed cells. Theoretically, this may help to repair damage to the heart and reduce the risks of myocardial scarring and new heart attacks.

   15 men with minor injuries of the left ventricle participated in VentriGel experiment. All of them were administrated with eighteen injections of the remedy. The gel was transported to the heart by using a catheter, so no large incisions were required.

   For over six months of patient monitoring, no health risks have been found for the use of the new remedy. Moreover, the experiment participants, who received hydrogel injections, said that their health has improved for that period of time. They could afford great physical exertion.

   Today Ventrix startup is preparing for the second phase of clinical trials. The developers are going to demonstrate that their remedy will be able to improve the functioning of the heart muscle and will make the lives of patients more fulfilled.