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The experimental preparation eliminates consequences of traumatic brain injury

Scientists from the University of California treated mice received craniocerebral trauma with ISRIB preparation (CCT). Scientists have established that the preparation helped rodents to remember new information. Previous studies have shown that ISRIB improved memory in healthy mice, reports.

It is known that the spatial memory suffers due to the TBI. During the course of the study the mice with TBI and rodents without CCT were placed into a labyrinth. The scientists have noticed that the experimental animals injected with three injections of the preparation in four weeks after the trauma coped with the task in the same way as mice without CCT.

The positive effect has been persisted for a week. The half-life of the preparation is less than one day. In other words, after a week the concentration of the preparation in the animals’ bodies was very low, but it was still active. According to the experts, further research is needed. However, the scientists hope that ISRIB will be useful for people with CCT.