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The Great Britain considers the theme of "children of three parents" seriously

According to RIA News, it is known that the University of Newcastle became the first institution in the country that received a license for artificial insemination procedures using DNA of three people. The license was issued by the Ministry of Health. The law that permits an artificial insemination using the material of three people came into force in December 2016.

This approach makes it possible to fight against congenital genetic diseases. These are cases when the mother has mutations in mitochondria DNA (energy cell plants). The scientists propose to use healthy mitochondria and DNA of another woman along with DNAs of father and mother.

But this approach has opponents. They say that the possibility of choosing DNA may lead to abuses and cases of creating "babies under the order" according to the parents’ criteria. Scientists and representatives of non-profit organizations expressed their support for the theme. About 100 parliamentarians, the Catholic Church and human rights organization Human Genetics Alert expressed their protest. They refer to the lack of clinical experience to perform such procedures. Critics are afraid that changes in the composition of DNA may cause shifts in metabolism as well as affect the appearance of future children. It is not known how such children will react to the environment.

Source: RIA news