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The new method will allow to assess the degree of maturity of the brain in premature infants

As we know, premature birth is dangerous for the brain. Now the level of development of the brain in infants born prematurely can be assessed by means of electroencephalography (EEG) and artificial intelligence. According to Zee News, the method was developed by scientists from the University of Helsinki.

The researchers have uploaded a large amount of EEG premature infants data into the computer. The computer processed this data and learned how to evaluate the maturity of the children's brain. Then the scientists carried out a study. Several times they registered the brain activity in 39 premature babies.

The study has shown that the new method make it possible to assess the maturity of the children's brain accurately. According to the scientists, the dynamics of the functional development of the brain can be monitored by performing EEG every few weeks.

Source: Zee News.