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The new method will replace the corneal transplant operation

The scientists of the University of Chicago declare that this method will change the lives of people with a common eye disease. The procedure is cheaper and safer than surgical intervention. According to “The Times of India”, the patients with Fuchs syndrome - dystrophy of the cornea, have participated in the study.

The researcher Kathryn Colby has proposed the new method of treatment, the scraping of Descemet's membrane. The procedure involves the removal of a small area of the corneal endothelium (the cells that do not work in Fuchs syndrome) with the bottom layer - Descemet's membrane. Due to this method, 3 of 4 patients with Fuchs syndrome became see normally.

There is an accumulation of fluid in the cornea due to the pump cell dysfunction in patients with the Fuchs syndrome. It leads to visual deterioration. If a person does not treat this disease, he can go blind. The removal of the cells, ceased to perform their function, from the center of the cornea, allows to healthy cells to take their place. The liquid starts to be removed, and the vision is gradually recovered.


Source: MADdaily