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The patch-sensor will show whether the prescribed therapy works

Scientists of London Imperial College have presented a unique system that tracks the changes in the level of antibiotics in the body in real-time. There is no analogue of such technology that uses microneedle biosensors (small skin patches), Mirage News reports.

The use of such technology will be a breakthrough in therapy. It will be more effective and less expensive. In addition, there will be no need for blood sampling for analysis. The system will help to understand whether the therapy works and whether a stable concentration of the drug is maintained in the body.

Microneedle biosensors are covered with microscopic teeth that penetrate the skin, recording changes in the fluid located between the cells. These teeth play the role of electrodes – they record changes in pH. They can be coated with enzymes that react with certain drugs, changing the pH level if the drug is present in the tissues. This system has also been tested to monitor blood sugar.

Source: Mirage News.