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The study has shown that Vitamin C is able to defeat cancer

According to Science World Report, Vitamin C is 10 times more efficient than one of the experimental anti-cancer drugs. This fact was discovered by researchers from the University of Salford. The scientists have studied the effects of experimental medications and natural substances, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C), on the growth of cancer cells.

The scientists compared the effectiveness of stiripentol, three natural substances (ascorbic acid, phenyl ester of caffeic acid, silibinin) and three experimental anti-cancer drugs (FK866, actinonin, 2-DG). They are aimed at bioenergetic processes of cancer stem cells, due to which the cells live and grow.

To prevent the growth of cells, you must disturb their metabolism. The study has shown that actinonin and FK866 were the best at this task. Vitamin C also successfully prevented the formation of cancer

stem cells. It was 10 times more effective than the experimental 2-DG preparation. Also, vitamin C prevented glycolysis (oxidation of glucose to generate energy) in the mitochondria of cancer cells. Glycolysis is needed for cell reproduction.

Source: Science World Report.