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The World Health Organization expects to receive at least 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines next year

The COVAX initiative, launched under the auspices of WHO to accelerate the development and creation of effective vaccines to prevent COVID-19 and expand access to these drugs worldwide, continues to gain momentum.

According to the UN, 160 countries helping to accelerate the pace of creation of life-saving drugs have already joined the program. Also, the General Director of WHO Adanom Ghebreyesus noted that by the end of this year the organization expects to receive at least 2 billion doses of vaccines to vaccinate the world's population against COVID-19. According to the WHO program, at the first stage, the vaccine will be received by the population that is most at risk of coronavirus, in particular doctors, police officers, government officials and others. In the future, the vaccines will be available to absolutely everyone, without any exception.

Source: UN