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Tiny polymers can destroy super bugs

At present, antibiotics are the only remedy for bacterial infections. But gradually bacteria mutate and become resistant to medications. Scientists from the University of Melbourne attempted to solve this problem. They created small star-shaped polymers that can fight bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

The scientists researched peptide polymers for several years. They managed to create polymers, destroying Gram-negative bacteria that are prone to antibiotic resistance. Zee News reports that the polymers have no side effects. The researchers have conducted experiments in red blood cells and experimental animals.

Researchers have found that the polymers may be dangerous for the body only if their dose is 100 times. In animals the polymers coped with super bugs easily. The researchers have also found that the polymers, in contrast to most antibiotics, kill bacteria in different ways. For instance, they tore a bacterial cell wall.

Source: MEDdaily