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To save pharmacists' time a RTEC is being tested in Britain

Department of the National Health Service of UK in association with the NHS Business Services Authority have developed RTEC based drug dispensing platform.

RTEC (Real Time Health Benefit Verification Service) is a new development that will allow UK pharmacies to quickly and efficiently check whether a patient is eligible for free drugs at the point of dispensing. This ensures the patients, who are exempt from prescription fees, the guaranteed access to medicines and also prevents the patients, who do not have the appropriate benefits, from demanding free prescriptions.
The NHS Digital in association with the NHS Business Services Authority has developed RTEC based on a drug dispensing platform created by Positive Solutions. This development will allow pharmacists to use the system to verify patient name, date of birth, postal code and NHS serial number.
NHS Digital claims that the new RTEC program, which is distributed all over England, will allow to save number of pharmacists man-hours significantly. Also, the new system saves on average at least 2 minutes per request and to date has been able to save more than 4,500 hours of working hours for pharmacies. The UK National Health Service hopes that the system, which has so far been tested in only 40 pharmacies, will significantly accelerate the process of health benefit verification in other pharmaceutical institutions around the country.