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Training sessions are the way to prevent the inflammatory processes in the body.


Any kind of physical activity, whether it is running or weight training, is useful. As Live Science notes, it allows you to cure inflammation. It is commonly known that inflammation is the genuine reaction of the body to trauma, which helps to prevent infection. However, chronic inflammation by itself causes many problems, including diabetes and heart diseases.

When a person begins to exercise, the muscle cellules release interleukin-6, capable to fight against inflammation. Also, the concentration of inflammatory protein TNF-alpha decreases, the signaling activity of inflammatory interleukin-1 beta, which causes inflammation in the pancreas, reduces. The main indicator of the amount of

interleukin-6 produced is the duration of the training. The longer, the better.

For example, while 30-minute training the level of interleukin-6 increases five times. But after the marathon it increases up to 100%.

The peak accrues approximately to the very end of the workout. Then the level drops to the baseline. It was conducted an experiment when people were injected with an intestinal bacillus molecule, which incited an increase of inflammatory protein TNF-alpha level in 2-3 times. But if before injections the subjects had been training with a stationary bicycle for 3 hours, the level of interleukin-6 increased, preventing inflammatory protein arising.

For that matter, regular training incites growth concentration and interleukin-15 in muscle cellules. This protein regulates abdominal fat accumulation (in the waist region) associated with metabolic diseases.

Since abdominal fat by itself provokes inflammation, its volume reducing can be an effective method to cure inflammation.

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