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Treatment of sleep apnea relieves epileptic seizures

CIPAP therapy is a method of sleep apnea treatment by means of artificial ventilation with constant positive pressure. Scientists of Cleveland Clinic have found that CIPAP therapy is useful for people with epilepsy suffering from sleep apnea. Due to this therapy, the number of epileptic seizures is reduced, reports.

According to the experts, many people with epilepsy have sleep apnea. Because of problems with sleeping, the incidence of epileptic seizures increases. The study involved 197 people with epilepsy. 122 of them also suffered from sleep apnea. During the study 73 people with sleep apnea used the CIPAP device every night, and 49 did not.

A year later, the incidence of epileptic seizures decreased by 50% and even more in more than 60% of volunteers treated with CPAP therapy. In those who did not use CIPAP device, the incidence of seizures decreased only by 14%. In addition, 85% of volunteers treated with CPAP therapy, and 55% of those who did not, were able to control seizures successfully.