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Trials have proven that the most aggressive breast cancer can be cured.

One of the most terrible oncological diseases – triple negative breast cancer was finally overcome. According to IA Regnum, the University of New York has presented an anti-cancer drug against the most aggressive form of breast cancer. Antibodies that cause the immune system to attack cancer cells are at the core of the drug.

Trials have shown that antibodies not only coped with this problem, but also acted for a long time. By the way, the immunotherapy is the direction which actively develops the medicinal products for oncological diseases. One of the first medicinal products of this kind was pembolizumab. It affects not the tumor, but the immune cells by blocking the work of specific proteins on their surface.

To test the efficacy of new antibodies, the scientists recruited a group of volunteers with two different subspecies of triple negative breast cancer. Antibodies have managed to reduce the size of the tumor by 30% in about 5% of the women from the first group and in 23% of the women from the second group. In 21% of women from the first group and in 17% of women from the second the growth of metastasis group has also stopped. After completion of therapy, all women have lived at least a year longer. What is important, the drug was well tolerated by the patients.

Source: "IA Regnum"