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Ultrasound has become a real help for arthritis.

American scientists from the General Electric Research Center have made an unexpected discovery. It turns out that arthritis manifestations can be suppressed by stimulating the nerve cells of the spleen with ultrasonic pulses. As a result the immune system ceases its attack on the joints, RIA Novosti reports. The idea is that ultrasound relieves inflammation and changes the metabolism in tissues.

Experiments with rats have shown that ultrasound really stopped inflammation and prevented the death of the kidneys. The reason was the change in the work of two types of immune cells (T and B types), inhibiting the immune response. In addition the studies have shown that ultrasound affected the nerve cells that control the work of the spleen, where both types of the above-mentioned immune cells develop.

However, a positive effect was observed only if ultrasonic exposure was 1 MHz with rigidly defined intervals between radiation flares. Ultrasound can cope with irritable bowel syndrome, toxic hyperglycemia and dangerously high blood sugar caused by bacterial toxins in the same way.

Source: MEDdaily