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Unique molecules may become a real salvation for the liver.

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found 27 new molecules that may provide a therapy against fatty liver disease and preparations that promote wounds healing, Xinhua reports. About 30 active molecules have been selected from the base of 1.56 million molecules.

The selected molecules activated PPAR delta (delta receptor activated by peroxisome proliferator). This protein has already been associated with fatty liver disease - the leading cause of liver cancer - and with the regenerative processes in the body. PPAR-delta makes muscle cells to burn more fat as well as increase muscle endurance and maintain a slim figure. 

In the near future, the scientists want to carried out some experiments and understand whether molecules can speed up the wounds healing process and prevent the occurrence of toxic renal reactions. According to preliminary estimates, 21 of 27 molecules have the potential to become pharmaceutically successful, especially for the treatment of fatty liver disease.

Source: MEDdaily