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Unique nanovaccine is going to make a revolution in the cancer therapy

As Mirage News notes, the scientist of Tel Aviv University have created a nanoparticle-based vaccine that can prevent the development of melanoma and at the same time is suitable for the destruction of existing tumors and metastases. The vaccine can make immune therapy as effective as possible.
The scientists have taken nanoparticles from a biodegradable polymer. Two peptides (short chains of amino acids that are expressed in melanoma cells) were enclosed inside each particle. Nanoparticles worked like vaccines against viral infections - they stimulated immunity. The immune system began to attack both cancer cells containing two peptides, and nanoparticles.
The effectiveness of the vaccine was tested within three experiments. At first, the vaccine was administered to healthy mice, and then melanoma cells were injected. As a result, the cancer did not develop. Then, the vaccine and immune therapy drugs were tested on existing tumors. The complex effect significantly reduced the progression of cancer and increased life expectancy. Finally, the vaccine was successfully tested on tissues taken from patients with melanoma and metastases in the brain.

Source: Mirage News